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Dec 15, 2016

The headquarters of Loxon has recently undergone a full refurbishment; now we have an office that is multi-generational and has the newest, cutting-edge interior design ideas manifested. 950 squaremetres of space was born in an unusual way – with all its advantages and drawbacks – by opening all walls between 17 apartments. With this structure, 70% of the office is used for traditional, work-related activities and the rest is offered for recreation – take only few steps away from your work station and you will immediately feel cosy and have the chance to recharge and get new inspiration in the recreational area.

Essential to the design, there are chairs and sofas from the 60s and 70s with renewed upholstery combined with material use and structural solutions known from ruin pubs and modern bars e.g. OSB boards and pallets. Our new office is one of the very few in Hungary where almost all furniture and interiors follow a unique design.

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Office of the Year 2017

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