Voluntary cooking is fun!

Oct 10, 2017

Cooking is not the favourite weekend activity for everyone - and this is exactly how our colleagues from Bucharest feel. However, for a noble cause many of them grabbed the saucepan and the wooden spoon to help out those in need with something warm in the belly. The secret to the delicious and filling nourishment was: great atmosphere, the tireless efforts of the team and the invaluable help of

Our colleague, Daniel has put the experience like this: "I think, in life people need stability. They need work, family, friends and something else too... Something that is not only about you. Something selfless. If you can do this in good company then it multiplies into a pleasurable and fun experience."

Beside expanding our cooking repertoire and being altruistic, we have learnt something else too: if it's the Loxon team's time to cook...the vibe is always going to be fabulous! Thanks for the experience, we will be happy to return!

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