Student Management Championship 2017

May 4, 2017

How can you manage a virtual ski center?

The contestants of this year’s Student Managment Championship were seeking answers to the question above while making strategic choices with the head of a ski resort manager. The participants had to take into consideration the profitableness and payback aspects of their strategies, which has made the the competition very pragmatic, currant and exciting.  

The 10 best-performing teams were selected into the finals  after going through the live regional rounds then the online semi-finals. Their task in the last round was to make a business proposal with a full profile of a new touristic investment including its exact location and to complete the relevant research and planning supporting their package. In addition to evaluating the content of their solutions,  presentation and delivery  was also marked by judges.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see eveyone next year.

1st place – Confidentiality Agreement (Luca Szabó, Dániel Orbán, Krisztián Fehér)

2nd place – TaylorsWheel (Cintia Kormány, Blanka Szabó, Dániel Szabó)

3rd place – Managers (Endre Leszkovszki, Péter Homolya, Kristóf Kahr)

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