Retail Lending


Retail lending software environment for efficient professionals

Loxon Retail Lending System is a flexible, state-of-the-art software solution for supporting retail lending activities of financial institutions. The System implements a structured, logical set of pages and data views and patronizes the changing business requirements with a process-managed approach that supports loan origination throughout decision and administration activities.

  • Cover all the (financing) products offered to the Retail client segments and ensure fulfillment of the frequently changing business requirements
  • Support the whole lifecycle from the date the customer applies for the loan until the maturity through user friendly screens
  • Ensure compliance with the credit policy and banking rules through flexible product parameterization
  • Support the decision making process as per the allocation matrix and all decision feedbacks (conditions)
  • Improve data quality due to the three-phase error checking and the high integration potential for data retrieval and transfer
  • Execute calculations emerging in connection with the credit application
  • Generate predefined document templates (e.g. contracts) and reports (e.g. process efficiency reports)
  • Create user’s task list based on user’s authority and support alerting mechanism
  • Provide support for sales activity in alternative sales channels and support cross / up selling (with CRM module and simulation engine)
  • Integrate with other Loxon Products
  • Reduce lead-time (TTY, TTC) and unit cost of the transactions significantly in a rapidly changing Retail market
  • Improve your approval process and deal handling efficiency with high level of automation (e.g. contract generation, decision support)
  • Implement new products and modifications from the user interface
  • Identify the process’ bottleneck by creating process-efficiency reports, which enable the measuring of processes, and the efficiency of administrators and group
  • Analyze your credit portfolio and mitigate the risks arising during the entire lending process – leading to the decrease of the provisions and credit losses
  • Reduce operational cost and improve operational efficiency significantly
  • Measure the efficiency of your different campaigns, pricing policies
  • Improve Know Your Client with operative CRM functionality and increase your hit ratio
  • Prepare your customized documents
  • Integrate into existing environment and with any banking systems for data retrieval and transfer required within the lending lifecycle

Retail Lending System helps you to adapt quickly

As the needs are rapidly and often modified, it is crucial to have the capability to be able to easily restructure business logic from the user interface, with the option of modifying the data-registration pages, processes, document and report templates.

The System provides you with the possibility of supporting general bank strategy and to meet all the retail lending requirements arising in the accelerating changes of the business environment. As an advantageous solution, it increases efficiency in all aspects, such as shortening the reaction time of product development and credit approval, reducing paperwork or other cost factors.

Core tasks of the Retail Lending System

  • accomplishes a controlled capturing of loan related data
  • supports the human work process in connection with loan approval and administration
  • enables capturing of additional data that come from the loan approval process
  • generates documents automatically, such as loan contracts
  • transfers the approved loans automatically to the accounting system
  • supports the management of the already running loans.


What does the Loxon Retail Lending System do for you? 

As a basic requirement, the System can be interfaced with all other IT systems to gain data directly from the primary source and thus avoid unnecessary manual work and ensuring highest data quality possible. All data that is recorded in the System can be verified with automatic checks (formal or logical) or supported with the four-eye principle. Only basic data is needed to be inputted, derived data such as product parameters can be calculated automatically. 

The Retail Lending System does not only provide coverage for approving and contracting activities, it also ensures the possibility of handling contract modifications. The System has a product parameterization module which enables your bank resources to flexibly and promptly create new products, define/modify pricing, conditions and checklist. The System supports multiple task allocation logic and an easily parameterizable notification sending functionality.


Up-to-date information

Loxon Retail Lending System is capable of running predefined documents and reports to provide up-to-date information about process efficiency and portfolio productivity. This gives you the chance to identify bottlenecks and also ensures management information about all activities and fulfills reporting needs to the authorities. These templates can be prepared by your bank resources with a tool that is easy to parameterize in order to fit customized needs.

Loxon Retail Lending System also works perfectly with our credit rating and credit scoring software, a risk classification tool that prevents bad loans by appraising client/transaction based ratings/scorings for any possible application area where credit assessment should be used. 

Loxon Retail Lending can be extended with other modules

  • CRM module for supporting operative CRM functionality to ensure effective sales support.
  • Simulation module to manage the precalculations by providing indicative offers and highly parameterizable calculations to compare the offerings. 
  • Campaign management module to increase sales volume by creating customized ad-hoc campaigns, special promotions and measuring campaign activities. 


The System is thin client based and runs on a central server (platform independent). You can reach the application through your standard web browser. Due to this architecture, the resources of the Retail Lending System are well concentrated, scalable and easy to maintain.

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