Corporate Lending


Loan origination and collection support at each step

If you are working in loan origination, you need state-of-the-art tools for support. The Loxon Corporate Lending System is just such a software tool for supporting corporate lending activities of financial institutions. After having answered the key question of banking (“Who should be provided with a loan?”) with the help of our inest software tool for credit rating and credit scoring, the Loxon Corporate Lending System will provide the next step.

  • Cover all the (financing) products offered to the different corporate customer segments
  • Support the whole lifecycle from the date the customer applies for the loan until the maturity or closing
  • Ensure compliance with the credit policy and banking rules through flexible product parameterization
  • Support the decision making process as per the allocation matrix and execute calculations emerging in connection with credit applications
  • Improve data quality by three-phase error checking and the high integration potential for data retrieval and transfer
  • Enable precedent and disbursement conditions monitoring (including limit – sublimit and deal level as well)
  • Generate predefined reports and documents automatically byusing templates
  • Create user’s task list based on user’s authority, apply defined allocation and event driven notification mechanism
  • Implement your limit based approach for all limit types and structure – with all the related parameterization
  • Integrate with other Loxon Products
  • Significantly reduce lead-time (TTY, TTC) and unit cost of the transactions
  • Improve your approval process and deal handling efficiency with high level of automation (e.g. contract generation)
  • Implement new products / product modifications – from the user interface
  • Identify the process’ bottleneck by creating process-efficiency reports, which enable the measuring of processes, and the efficiency of administrators and groups
  • Analyze your credit portfolio and mitigate the risks – leading to the decrease of the provisions and credit losses
  • Maintain approval authority management flexibly by parameterization
  • Prepare your customized documents and reports
  • Integrate into existing environment for data retrieval and transfer required within lending lifecycle
  • Have a precise and automated overview of the approved limits and related outstanding and reduce the risk derived from the overutilization
  • Make your limit management more efficient and implement the changes in the overall limits (e.g. sector limits) from the user interface

How does the System help you in the loan origination and collection process?

Our software implements a structured, logical set of pages and patronizes the changing business requirements with a flexible, process-managed approach that supports loan origination and collection throughout decision and administration activities.

It supports the easy restructuring of business logic from the user interface, with the option of modifying the data registration pages, processes, document and report templates.

Thus, you can meet all the requirements arising with the accelerating changes of the business environment. You can increase your loan origination efficiency in all aspects, shortening the reaction time of product development and credit approval, reducing your paperwork and other costs.

Core tasks of the System

  • controlled capturing of loan related data
  • support for the human process in connection with loan origination
  • automatic generation of loan contracts and other documents
  • automatic transfer of the approved loans to the core banking system
  • support for the management of already running loans


Some of your many benefits during the process of loan origination and collection

  • avoid unnecessary work and ensure highest data quality through the interfacing possibility with all other IT systems, gaining data directly from the primary source
  • data verification by automatic checks (formal or logical) and using the four-eyes principle
  • you only need to input basic data, derived data (product parameters, credit capacity of the client) is automatically calculated
  • easier handling of contract modifications
  • you can create new products, define/modify pricing, conditions and checklists faster, due to product parameterization
  • task allocation logic support
  • parameterization of notification sending
  • condition monitoring by managing the covenant settings and verifying the precedent and disbursement conditions
  • generate repayment schedules, handle deal-collateral allocation and amount calculation more effectively with the calculation engine
  • built-in pricing module for standard pricing calculation, pricing overview of group members’ products and calculating indicators


The System is there for you from the beginning to the end of the loan origination and collection process.

Our loan origination and collection software rests on a limit or deal based lending concept, it is client or client group based and examines their creditworthiness.

With its help, you are at any time capable of telling the actual status of exposures currently contracted/committed and also the possible future statuses coming from the approval process.

All types of limits can be monitored together with their used and free amounts during the loan origination and collection process. This System covers it all: contracting process, utilization process, suspension and reactivation, expiration and cancellation of the limit or limit structure. It is capable of running predefined documents and reports in order to ensure management information about all activities and fulfills reporting needs to the authorities.

The System is thin client based, is running on a central server, and you can reach the application through your standard web browser. Due to this architecture, its resources are concentrated, scalable and easy to maintain.


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