Portfolio Lending Conference

Apr 27, 2018

Our participation at Portfolio's Lending conference is never a question. This year, Gábor Győrfi represented Loxon and talked about the revolution in the field of lending. You can read a short summary of the presentation from Portfolio below.

Gábor Győrfi, the regional sales director of Loxon held a speech about the areas of application of artificial intelligence in the field of lending. This year and the last banks have spent the most on digital rejuvenation, both in the case of developing back end or front end processes.
What follows this is the structuring and the analisation of data: each company sits on untouched 'goldmines' of information.
Analysing these conglomerates of data makes it possible to carry out prompt profiling of each client. The automation of notifications, offers, ordering services becomes possible, they can then personalise services and the bank can reduce their risks.

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