Loxon wins Customer Satisfaction category in Chartis Research’s RiskTech100® ranking

Nov 22, 2017

We are proud to annnounce that Loxon, the only ranked provider from Central and Eastern Europe, finished 61st overall in Chartis’ RiskTech 100® 2018, and won the 'Customer Satisfaction' category.




Chartis Research is the market leader in risk technology research and analysis. Its flagship publication RiskTech100®, now in its twelfth year, ranks the 100 top risk management and compliance companies based on a number of criteria. Vendors’ overall score is derived from the scores in six different categories: Functionality, Core Technology, Strategy, Customer Satisfaction, Market Presence and Innovation. For the third consecutive year, Loxon is the only Central and Eastern European company in RiskTech100®. It rose 27 places since last year, the largest increase of any provider in the 2018 rankings.

RiskTech 100 - Customer Satisfaction Award

According to Tamas Erni, Chairman of Loxon, there are several key factors behind Loxon’s success in the RiskTech100® rankings:

„We are a niche vendor – we only do lending and risk management. This is our core competence. We focus each and every of our resources to become year by year better and better in these. The other key advantage is customer-centricity. We put always very high emphasis on being close to our customers, understanding their needs, and we do our best to serve our customers. That’s why we built up all of our systems and strategies based on customer-centricity and flexibility. We don’t believe in black boxes, but we believe in understanding what our customers require and provide them with best-of-breed solutions to what they require today and what they have to fulfil tomorrow. That’s why we try to be always one step ahead of the market as a niche vendor; because of this we can be more flexible than most of our competitors and we can react faster to the major technology changes and the major risk management changes.”

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