Loxon at Portfolio Lending Conference

May 2, 2017

Loxon has once more returned to the annually organised Portfolio Lending Conference. This year on 25th April the main focus of the conference was estate loans and the expected trends of the field in the next few years. The topic of limited data sources was a recurring theme both in presentations and panel discussions. Similarly, using digital solutions to lower lending and risk management costs was an important topic. Tamás Erni, the managing director of Loxon Solutions, stated that one continuous problem is that banks don’t want to upload and keep their data on external storage so they have to maintain their own systems. Other notes were that artficial intelligence can certainly play a big part in the notification process of clients, but on their own they are not a sufficient solution. Additionally, in the last few years we could see the downfall of many technologies that were previously considered to be long-term solutions. One direction of innovation, big data not only supports sales and marketing decisions but helps risk management projects, anti-fraud measures and IT security as well.

Further details of the conference can be found on the webpage of Portfolio.

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