Loxon at IFINTEC

May 29, 2018

We have participated in the IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The rise of Fintechs, the involvement of Big Techs in the financial sector and the upcoming new technologies open exciting new opportunities and pose a significant threat for the banking sector at the same time.

Technological disruption, financial tech solutions and innovation strategies deployed by the banks were the main subjects of discussion. Today’s financial institutions need to understand that innovation is the foundation of sustainable growth and it must be handled with the upmost importance. Frequent topics included the usage of AI and Big Data, Open banking, Blockchain based implementations, voice and visual recognition to advance the customer experience in banking.

Loxon’s regional sales director Gábor Győrfi has made a speech about the usage of AI in the lending life cycle. He emphasized the benefits of using AI controlled scoring and decision-making processes compared to standard model building techniques. He also presented two cases from the field of Early Warning and Collection where we believe that the application of AI would bring the most benefits.

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