Loxon at 10th Annual Banking Credit Risk Managment Summit

Mar 23, 2017

In February Loxon represented itself as a Golden Sponsor on the 10th Annual Banking Credit Risk Managment Summit in Vienna organised by Allan Lloyds. The main topic of the conference was the regulation supplement of Basel III that can become a serious challenge to both smaller and bigger banks in the years following. Besides the above mentioned changes IFRS 9 got also in the focus with the major connecting areas like the modelling of predictable losses and the IFRS 9 Reporting.

Tamás Erni, as a returning speaker of the conference, this year held a presentation about the results of Big Data reserarches followed by a demonstration of a case study on his experiences with implementing risk managment applications. In his speech there was also a part about the new functions of Loxon Collateral Managment solutions like integrating Google Maps and statistics based collateral valuation methodologies.

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