Lending expert speaks

Lending expert speaks

Lending business is under a huge pressure of rapid and continuous change of process as new products are designed almost daily in a bank or financial institution. As the competition in this area is very high, being area leader or having the capability of fast response to the market change is a key factor.

Question is always: what is the timeframe we can get the new product in use? Answer is always based on two questions: How fast and precise the business can define their needs and how fast the IT can provide a system that is serving those needs as much as possible.

Talking about fast definition, what Loxon can provide is a best practice definition methodology that precisely tells what to be developed and a significant business advisory knowledge based on the best practice of the market. This way we can even help the business to find out in details what they need, and once that is clear, the definition of that is speeded up.

Talking about fast implementation, Loxon Lending system is optimized for fast implementation of business knowledge. With the in-built capabilities, general features are not needed to be developed, only parameterized, and custom business needs can be implemented rapidly. System by default offers the possibility of screen demo view for better understanding and faster review of the definition, and this gives us the chance to start iterative implementation, thus leading us to less testing and better fitting of the real needs.

So what can we achieve together? Fast and precise answers for needs and therefore key advantage on market. This is all about.

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