Loxon is an innovative and value-leader software company active on the risk management and lending software market. The customer base applying Loxon products covers several CEE, CIS and MEA countries. Loxon is proud to have a track record in major banking groups of these regions as Raiffeisen, Erste, KBC, GE Money, Societe Generale, UniCredit, OTP and others. Customers rate Loxon as competent and result oriented partner helping them to achieve their business goals. Driven by positive experiences customer base voting for Loxon products is rapidly expanding. Loxon would be proud to welcome you as a customer.

Customer Stories

Arab Jordan Investment Bank implemented Loxon Basel II calculation engine

Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB), one of Jordan’s leading investment and commercial banks has gone live with the Loxon Basel II Calculation Engine covering all material risks and reports under the Basel II regulation according to the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and providing all advanced risk management functionalities required by AJIB.

AJIB recognized that effective risk management (both in every-day operation and practices) is one of the key success factors for Banks in the Middle-East, therefore high quality and proven solutions are needed which are also tailor-made for the specificities of the local market. For the mentioned reason the bank was looking for a professional tool which can entirely cover the Basel II requirements of CBJ both for calculation and reporting in a fully automated way and as an addition it can help the bank to become more sophisticated in risk management.

The Bank has chosen the consortium of Loxon and its strategic partner, Pio-Tech to implement the Loxon Basel II Calculation Engine as an integrated component to Pio-Tech banking data warehouse and regulatory reporting solution Bank-BI. The implementation covered the following modules: Credit risk, Market risk, Operational Risk, Operational Risk Loss Database, Stress Testing, Pillar 2 risks and Liquidity Risk module which also complies with the BIS Basel3 regulation.

Loxon is confident that the integrated solution offered together with our strategic partner Pio-Tech helps the Bank to be more prudent and profitable as through using advanced risk management methodologies can be more competitive.” – Tamas Erni, managing partner, Loxon Solutions


Loxon Collection dialer integration live in Unicredit Bank

Loxon Solutions one of the market leading companies in providing lending and risk management systems for the financial services industry announced today that it successfully went live in Unicredit Bank in Hungary with a dialer integration of its Collection System that helps the Bank to significantly improve the efficiency of phone based collection activities. The major goals achieved by the development were increasing the effective worktime of collection experts and improving the communication with the customers during the collection process.

Unicredit Bank in Hungary is using Loxon Collection System for many years now covering soft, hard and legal collections for all lines of business.

According to Attila Ruzsin (Head of Retail Soft Collection, UnicreditBank) by introducing the new integrated solution the useful working time of the collection employees is dramatically enhanced. ’’With Loxon Collection we can ensure a higher level customer communication as well as a more effective recovery process. The integrated system development is perfectly suited to the current market standard.’’

According to Tamas Erni, Managing Partner of Loxon Solutions „this is a new major step in our product roadmap, to provide our customers with the most effective tools for covering their collection activities, and maximise recovery during the collection process. The new, integrated system will further increase the ROI of the system for the Bank”.

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. is the Hungarian member of UniCredit Group operating the largest international banking network with more than 3,800 branches in Central Europe and Eastern overall – included 133 local Hungarian branches too. Unicredit total assets is the 7th largest in the Hungarian banking ranking, it follows Raiffeisen Bank among the 10 biggest banks. In Hungary UniCredit Bank offers comprehensive products and services to private customers; small and medium size enterprises and large corporates. This offer is completed by the services of the leasing company of UniCredit Group, UniCredit Leasing Hungary Zrt. and also of Pioneer Fund Management Ltd., and is supported with financial resources by UniCredit Jelzálogbank Zrt.

Loxon is a risk management software company offering integrated lending and risk management software solutions for banking and leasing industries. The company is based in Hungary and is present in CEE, CIS and MEA countries. Loxon business consulting team has accumulated wide experience in the implementation of risk management and lending systems. Understanding the business and risks make Loxon unique among software vendors and enables Loxon to offer market leading solutions. In Hungary, Loxon services nine of the ten biggest banks. In Eastern Europe, the company is represented in ten countries and serves the market leader bank in five of them. The company is devoted for their customers though their offices were opened in Romania (2007), in Serbia (2010), in Russia (2011) and in Dubai (2011). Today, Loxon has a staff of 120, enjoying annual growth rates in turnover between 20 to 40%.

Loxon’s solution portfolio includes Loxon Lending, Loxon Collateral Management, Loxon Collection, Loxon Rating and Scoring, Loxon Limit Management and Loxon Early Warning. Loxon Basel2 and Loxon IFRS Provisioning complete the product program.

Loxon Collection System is a full scale debt collection software recommended for banks, leasing companies, and collection agencies. The system supports both retail and corporate collection processes covering all phases of collection (e.g. early, soft, hard and legal collection phases). The collection workflow can be graphically edited by users without IT support, thus the system can virtually support all automatic and manual tasks. The system makes available the users to define multiple collection strategies based on user defined criteria system. These strategies can be based on user defined input variables, including the results of collection behavior scores, since the system has a built in scoring engine, too. The in-built dialer functionality can flexibly be interfaced to call centers, and supports both predictive and progressive dialing. By using scripts the flow of the client conversations can be standardized among the operators. Business users can define and upload user designed document, e-mail, sms and report templates without IT support. These templates can be inserted into the workflow by the business users also by a fully parameterizable way.


OTP Bank worked with Oracle partner Loxon Solutions to implement Oracle financial services asset liability management

OTP Bank chose Oracle Partner Loxon Solutions based on its reputation for implementing risk management solutions in the financial services sector.
Awarded “Leader in Technology Innovation 2008” by Oracle Hungary, Loxon has been listed as one of Oracle’s top 20 partners for the financial services industry in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. Loxon managed the implementation end-to-end and trained OTP Bank’s key users and IT staff.


Loxon Collection system at MKB Bank

Hungarian lending and risk management system vendor, Loxon Solutions, has went live with a new release of its Collection System at MKB Bank. The system that first went live in MKB early 2007 is used by the Bank as one central system to deal with the entire collection and workout process. This is a second release with a number of new functionalities, improving the capabilities of the software to manage the requirements of the Bank to manage the entire business process of soft and hard collection for all lines of business. Additionally the system fulfills all the requirements of the bank related to Basel II compliant default, loss and recovery management.

Customer Challenges:

  • Build one central system to soft and hard phase collection process.
  • Define efficient workflow steps for the above phases.
  • Increase the efficiency and number of outgoing phone calls.
  • Automation of outgoing warning letters.
  • Customized workflow support for the hard-phase processes.
  • One central place for all collection related customer and deal information.
  • Automate the external collector and factoring processes.
  • Up-to-date, better quality data for decisions
  • Support Basel II data collection and use test
  • Management reporting

Loxon Solutions:

  • One, integrated system for covering all collection products.
  • Flexible, parameterizable workflow support for all collection phases.
  • Number of outgoing phone calls increased dramatically.
  • Concurrency between potentially conflicting tasks is handled automatically in a parameterizable way in the system.
  • Massive system support for outgoing document management.
  • System support for external collector and factoring processes.
  • Editable document and report templates.
  • Continuous analysis of the process efficiency
  • Product catalogue, parameterizable product handling
  • Electronic document handling

Loxon Collateral Management System used by Raiffeisen Banka Serbia

Beograd, Serbia

Key numbers:

  • Second biggest Bank in the market (according to credit portfolio – 2007.)
  • Number of customers: 585,000
  • Number of branches: 103
  • Number of active users for the LOXON system: 30-40

Banking, Financial Services

Loxon products:
Collateral Management System, with integrated functionalities of the Central Deal Registry and the Real-estate and Asset Management System supporting:

  • All types of collaterals in use by the Bank
  • Full collateral lifecycle management
  • Deal Management
  • Management of real estates
  • Management of various types of assets
  • Automatic revaluations (optimal allocation, RWA, provisioning, RORWA etc)
  • Basel II calculations
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Customer Challenges:

  • Integrated collateral analytics for Risk Management
  • Compliance to Basel II. requirements and RZB’s Collateral Catalogue
  • Revaluation of the Bank’s collateral portfolio
  • Improvement of the efficiency of capital allocation
  • Information about deal and partner level coverage
  • Up-to-date, better quality data for decisions
  • Flexible system to support the requirements of the fast moving business environment
  • Management reporting
  • NBS Provision and RWA allocation method

Loxon Solutions:

  • Complete and user-friendly collateral registration
  • Full collateral lifecycle management
  • Managing all types of collaterals in use by the Bank (mortgage, guarantees,
  • pledges, securities, insurances, soft-collaterals, other collaterals)
  • Handling of all types of banking deals and overdue items
  • Handling N*M collateral and deal connections
  • Inheritance of collaterals (inherit the collaterals of a frame deal to its withdrawals)
  • Automatic revaluations (currency revaluations, discounted collateral value calculation, optimal collateral value distribution, coverage information)
  • Various types of allocation (CMD, NBS Provision, NBS RWA)
    Integration with other systems of Bank (accounting system, customer database…)
  • Handling of the real estates
  • Handling of various types of assets
  • Flexible building blocks to ensure the optimal use of business and IT resources if changes in the system are needed
  • Flexibility in modifying the algorithms
  • Enforce data quality (mandatory fields, customizable validity checks, check lists)
  • Storage of historic data
    Monitoring of the collaterals and deals and the collateral-deals relations
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