Banking solutions based on competence

Our banking solutions and services help you to increase sales and profitability and to reduce risks. The major goal of the Loxon management and team is to keep the focus on today’s best practices and future trends of sales, lending and risk management. The Product Development team of Loxon is responsible for research and development of business solutions, software products that offer state-of-the art banking solutions, as well as for the improvement of the business know-how accumulated in the company. The Loxon business consulting team consists of consultants and experts with finance degrees and a strong comprehensive knowledge of the focus business areas. Banking solutions provided by Loxon rely on first-hand experience of the daily problems associated with running a successful bank.

Banking solutions from experts

Strong banking business competence in sales, lending and risk management, consulting and academic background, furthermore graduation in PHD and second masters’ degree courses of local and foreign universities supports the consulting team in providing our customers with best services. Our team consists of excellent professionals mostly having finance masters degrees, strong background in banking, expertise in consulting and system design as well as data science and analytics. Our Oracle Practice team has multiple years of experience in implementing OFSAA, Oracle based data warehouses as well as big data and advanced analytics solutions.

The business content definition of the solutions developed by the business consulting team produces value added content in sales, lending (application processing) and risk management.


Another role of the business consulting team is to launch business projects through its expertise in business consultancy and project management, and furthermore to assist the requirement analysis and solution design of projects.

We believe that a software solution without deep business content is nothing but a set of zeros and ones. The real solution is a combination of strong, adequate business content and state-of-the-art software providing banking solutions.

Banking solutions – from one professional to another

The reason Loxon can help you is simple. Any software providing banking solutions requires first-hand knowledge about the central problems faced by banks, but also direct experience of running a succesful bank. Loxon team members have all this. However, they are also specialized in banking software solution development and in accomplishment of software implementation projects using future oriented, state-of-the-art software technologies. The development team of the company consists of experienced engineers with continuously updated knowledge in the leading technologies and methodologies of the IT industry, who are supervised by banking experts in the creation of banking solutions.

Loxon has accumulated a wide range of expertise in building a group of integrated thin client based banking front-end and back-end applications using application server architecture and JEE standards.

The banking solutions of Loxon implement JEE architecture and are designed to be SOA ready, making the products best fitting to service oriented architecture. Using the standards that are identified as the future direction of workflow based and transactional applications development, combined with our strong capabilities in using big data and artificial intelligence in the field of banking solutions, Loxon experts have created the Loxon business applications. The Loxon business applications are characterised by their strong business functionality, user friendliness, strong analytical capabilities and by the flexible design through which vast majority of the functionalities can be modified/reparameteriz

ed by our customers, without the involvement of the Loxon team.

Parallel to our proprietary business solutions, Loxon has a strong team of experts with multiple years of experience in implementing the OFSAA solutions from Oracle, data warehouses of strong performance based on Oracle technology, as well as big data based advanced analytics solutions based on the Oracle Big Data Appliance, covering multiple business areas as we truly believe, that big data is not an IT initiative, but a strong business value added solution.

Loxon has established solid partnership with Oracle, IBM and other global vendors of technological banking solutions. Loxon has been awarded the title of „Leader in technology innovation” by Oracle Hungary and has been listed as EMEA top 20 Oracle partner for the financial services based on its strong business and technology know-how.

Our risk management competence center can help you with the following banking solutions, among others:

  • Loxon Basel II and Basel III – risk measurement methods most appropriate to the stage of your development and to the financial market in which you operate 
  • Loxon Credit Rating/Scoring System  – a software for answering the key question of banking, “Who should be provided with a loan?”
  • Loxon IFRS Calculation Engine – covering the requirements of IAS39 and IFRS9 based accounting and provisioning
  • Advanced Analytics – strong know-how in implementing various use cases in the field of big data and advanced analytics covering sales, lending, marketing, finance, risk management

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