Closure of the first Experimental Lab phase

Oct 18, 2018

The first phase of our our supported self-development project, Experimental Lab has come its end. During this period we have created exciting things and we got to know many new technologies in teams. To familiarize ourself with these achievements, each team introduced the outlines of their project and its outcomes and lessons learnt in a five-minute presentation. There were teams who learnt more about machine learning or graphe databases and their possible uses. Others created XMPP chat servers or made a traffic simulation. The award for the greatest contribution eventually went to the team who worked on the renewal of our mentoring programme - congratulations to them: Botond Pesti, Gábor Beckl, Tibor Németh! :) 

We are very proud of all the efforts and determination that we have seen you investing in the first three months of Experimental Lab and we are excited about the next round.
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