Case Solvers Cup

Aug 16, 2016

Last weekend Loxon has housed the first international case solving competition held in Hungary, the Solvers’ Cup organised by Case Solvers.

Solvers’ Cup is a unique competition in the field of case solving and the compeeting teams were invited to participate from the best European universities. During the three-day event the participants are challenged to solve a complex business case, then present it in front a panel of judges.

Besides the invitation based competition, all case solvers around the world can try themselves on the online platform of Solvers’s Cup. The two inlets of the challenge are not entirely separate; in Hungary’s case, the team recieved an invitation to the finals starting the challenge online. Therefore on 14th August the Hungarian team also had the opportunity to create and present their solutions with the other teams proceeding from the initial ’invite only’ round.

Congratulations to the winners!
1. Cornmarket Consulting, Oxford
2. Bow Tie Consultants, Belgrade
3. Swiss Consulting Group, St.Gallen

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