BankTech Java Challenge 2016

Dec 12, 2016

For those young developers who are seeking to put their Java skills to the test  BankTech Java Challenge is ths compulsory event of the autumn. Loxon, for the last few years now, has sponsored this competition that had its finals put on the 22nd November with the participation of the 25 best-performing teams. They were the winners of previous rounds, where the teams competed by trying to defeat each others virtual submarines. The participants also had to prepare an introduction video for their teams, which were then rated for a special award.

 The winner teams were:

  1. place: IGEN.. (Péter Tóth, Krisztián Velez, Dániel Zóka) their prize is one Galaxy S7 EDGE 32GB smart phone each
  2. place: Sombrero Galaxy (Bálint Sedlák, Krisztián Lévai, Sándor Karajz) their prize is one Xbox One 1 TB consol each
  3. place: Just Five More Minutes Mom (Gábor Török, Csaba Forján, Attila Budai) their prize is 1 JBL Pulse 2 bluetooth speaker each

 The special prize for their creative introduction video went to team Sanyika és az ügyimogyik.

 Congratulation to all the participant! We hope to see you all next year.

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