35th BACEE Regional Banking Conference

Nov 6, 2017

This year Loxon has attended the BACEE Regional Banking Conference for the second time as a sponsor of the event. The conference was organised for the 35th time. The two-day event provided its visitors with many intriguing topics like the regional and country-specific characteristics of the banking sector, the predictable changes in regulations for the near future and the transitions of the banking system - the future of the banks. 2017 is a good year for the financial institutions poperating in the region, bringing increase in development and positive outlooks, thus making many experts believe in the future development perspectives projected by Fintech companies.

In the presentations we heard about many mutually beneficial solutions that provide opportunities for faster, lower cost and lower risk lending through faster and more efficient running of processes and the reduction of liabilities. In Loxon's spot Tamás Erni, Chairman of the company, talked about the possibilities of credit risk management in the 21st century.

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