Annual team building

Oct 9, 2018

Even the colder winter days could not stop us from organizing our annual team building, which has become a tradition by now, this time in Siófok by the lake Balaton.

Our colleagues had to face numerous challenges before they could enjoy the rewards of the hotel spa. First they had to shine their intelligence in a quiz then it was time for testing their creativity. After the lunch in groups they had to build little ships of cardboard that would withstand the hostile weather conditions and bare the weight of the most courageous member of the group.

All this excitement and fun climaxed at the inevitable party in the evening. 

Relive these brilliant moments with us by looking at the photos taken :) 


OFSAA for Beginners 2.0

Oct 8, 2018


Loxon Solutions, in partnership with the Faculty of Finance and Banking (FABBV) and The Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics (CSIE) of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies - ASE, launches the second edition of the simulation competition for a virtual bank business. The competition shall take place between October and December 2018.

The "OFSAA for Beginners" competition aims to develop the capacity of 12 FABBV and CSIE students in 3rd year undergraduate or faculty master programs to develop a solution for a virtual bank in the Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) program, by applying the theoretical knowledge and implementing the scenarios offered. The project addresses issues related to the bank's Funds Transfer Pricing and simulations of Bank’s Balance Sheet and Income Statements, under different scenarios, using Assets and Liabilities Management techniques.

What are the details of the competition and in what type of activities will the students be involved?
  • A team will consist of three (3) students, two business oriented (from FABBV) applying together and one technical (from CSIE);
  • The registration is based on the submission of the resumes of team members or technical people to Andreea Horhogea ( and Ionut Pop (;
  • Four (4) teams will be selected to participate in the competition;
  • The activity will take place at Loxon Solutions headquarters, located at 6-6A Vitan Avenue, Phoenix Tower, 3rd floor;
  • Participants will go through a training session provided by Loxon Solutions specialists in which they will discover two main modules they will use (FTP - Funds Transfer Pricing and ALM - Assets and Liabilities Management) and other OFSAA functionalities, the management product offered by Loxon Solutions to banks;
  • Subsequently, they will receive virtual bank’s scenarios and they need to develop a project to use the application mentioned before;
  • SQL knowledge will be an advantage for the participants and a requirement for technical part of the project;
  • Project activities will take place for 5 weeks in a row, with a participation of 4 to 10 working hours per week, between 9:00 and 18:00;
  • Each team will have the support of a Loxon Solutions employee to carry out the project activities;
  • In the end, the best two (2) teams will receive the scholarships as follows:
    • Scholarship for the first place: 1000 LEI per student;
    • Second place scholarship: 500 LEI per student;
  • In addition, this competition may be a milestone in the process of selecting business analysts for Loxon Solutions. 

The calendar for the second edition of "OFSAA for Beginners 2.0" competition is the following:

  • 1 October- Launch of the competition through the site and platforms managed by FABBV and CSIE;
  • 2 - 14 October - Submission of team applications and technical individual applications by sending the resumes to the above-mentioned email addresses;
  • 15 – 17 October - Selection of participating teams;
  • 18 - 30 October - Preparing the participating teams;
  • 30/31 October – Welcome meeting with all teams and Loxon’s mentors;
  • 5 November - 7 December - Implementation of the activities and generation of results for the scenarios provided;
  • 10 – 11 December – Final Presentation Meeting;
  • 14 December - Award ceremony. 

For more details related to this announcement, please contact Ionut Pop at



Experimental Lab

Sep 17, 2018

To encourage self-instructed learning we launched Experimental Lab - our initiative to help developing new ideas and acquiring new technology in small working teams. In terms of the topics and the applied technology there is no restriction. The main objective of this call is for us all to participate in an exciting and engaging project. Every second Tuesday during our joint lunch we update each other about the debvelopment of our projects. We can hardly wait for the next one to come! 


Football championship at Loxon

Jul 19, 2018

Neither could we resist the excitement of the football championship at Loxon! So to make the best of this occasion occuring every four years and to increase the thrill of the joint football game watching, we organized a house championship to see who knows the most about the world of football (or who has the biggest luck ) Naturally, this victory had it's own rewards: beside the life-long respect, the winners could take home a crate of Loxon beer and a fitness wristband each!


Loxon at EFMA SME Summit

Jul 9, 2018

The challenges of the SME sector stood in the focus at the SME Banking Summit 2018 event organised by Efma.The majority of the presenters came from European banks and they talked about the challenges common to the area and their possible solutions.

We have learnt that many of the banks struggle with responding well to the needs SME clients due to the fact that these needs vary in a big spectrum and they require a lot of resources. This contributed to the situation that there are less services serving the SME clients than big corporations. So it is not surprising that many presenters emphasised that digitalisation should pay a major role in solving the challenges posed my by the SMEs. Specifically, acquiring, storing and processing the necessary data was the basis of most strategical solutions explained by them (e.g. big data solutions, predictive models).

Besides these, other topics came up like the agile methodology as a key to success and building an ecosystem instead of value chain based solutions: using the synergies between SMEs and supporting the companies with business operation consultations complementing the standard banking services.

On the second day of the conference Gábor Győrfi, the Regional Sales Manager of Loxon held his presentation about using artificial intelligence in the area of lending and risk management, which he also demonstrated through presenting an Early Warning and a Rating/Scoring project.


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