Loxon at Portfolio Lending Conference

May 2, 2017

Loxon has once more returned to the annually organised Portfolio Lending Conference. This year on 25th April the main focus of the conference was estate loans and the expected trends of the field in the next few years. The topic of limited data sources was a recurring theme both in presentations and panel discussions. Similarly, using digital solutions to lower lending and risk management costs was an important topic. Tamás Erni, the managing director of Loxon Solutions, stated that one continuous problem is that banks don’t want to upload and keep their data on external storage so they have to maintain their own systems. Other notes were that artficial intelligence can certainly play a big part in the notification process of clients, but on their own they are not a sufficient solution. Additionally, in the last few years we could see the downfall of many technologies that were previously considered to be long-term solutions. One direction of innovation, big data not only supports sales and marketing decisions but helps risk management projects, anti-fraud measures and IT security as well.

Further details of the conference can be found on the webpage of Portfolio.


Loxon at 12th Middle East Retail Banking Confex

Apr 20, 2017

For years now, Loxon has been a returning attendee at the Middle East Retail Banking Confex in Dubai that was put on by Fleming for the 12th time this year on 4-5th April. During the 2-day event Tamás Erni held a presentation titled  ’Using 21st century technology in loan management’.  Beside the opportunity of listening to speeches of the highest standard, with hundreds of guests being present, this event  is considered a great opportunity for building relations and sharing experience and expertise.



All Staff Meeting & Grill Party

Apr 18, 2017

As April began it was time for our annual All Staff Meeting and the evaluation of the year 2016. The project managers made everyone more familiar  with our clients and the projects already running and currently in the process of being implemented. Our achievments were also demonstrated visually pinning flags of the relevant product logos in more than 25 countires on our world map „wallpaper”. The Staff Meeting ended in celebration with cake then a team building grill party on our terrace. Beside the obvious cheer, the highlight of the event was our very own Loxon beer: a huge success amongst all colleagues.


Java Idea Lab at Loxon

Apr 5, 2017

Last night our office was taken over by an eager crowd seeking to learn more about Java Server Faces. Our new event series, Java Idea Lab debuted with a presentation on the practical applications of JSF. We are hoping everybody had a great time and that we'll be meeting again soon.



A trip in the wilderness

Apr 3, 2017

Last weekend the Loxon team has visited Duna-Ipoly National Park to make the best of the superb weather. Similar to last year, we tried to support the work of the national park: we cleared the woodland path and planted a 3-years-old oak sapling. After our duties done there was time to eat our meal cooked over open fire – and to walk off the filling stew, we ventured up to the top of Borbás-edge. This excursion went as far in the protected areas of the Szénások that the only chance of entering these grounds are exclusively during the guided walks of the Board of Duna-Ipoly National Park.

We highly recommend taking a trip to this magical landscape!


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