Second Java Idea Lab at Loxon

May 10, 2017


At our second Java Idea Lab the focus of the eve was on code quality. The participants of the event could get more familiar with Java conventions, then through a practical example could take a peek into the functioning of Sonar.
We kindly invite everyone to come to the next Idea Lab – the topic of which is yet a surprise.


Tamás Erni interviewed at #theCUBE

May 9, 2017

Tamás Erni, the managing director of Loxon Solutions, this year has made his first attendance at #theCUBE hosted by Peter Burris. #theCUBE is is the leading live interview show covering enterprise technology and innovation and in the last 7 years it has featured more than 4500 company leaders, regional experts and analysts on the show. In the interview they discussed the possible applications and relevance of big data in lending and risk management solutions. Tamás Erni emphasised that using big data in these services is not to be understood simply as new technology, but as an essencial and transformative business enabler. The past few years’ tendency of increase in lending can be halted by limited data sources available for the banks –  hence arose the need of expanding the scope of sourcing information about potential clients. Loxon has 17 years of experience in the area of lending and risk management systems and has former banking executives on its team. Our big data based risk managament softwares fitted to the individual needs of our clients provide exclusive advantages in the lending market.


Presenting the Loxon story to university students

May 8, 2017

How can an idea dreamt by university students sprout into a company now present in 25 countries developing state of the art banking software? What crucial strategic choices have to be made to stabilise a company’s position in the world market? The participants of the EVK Conference received suggestions on these topics and could get to know the complete Loxon-story firsthand from Kristóf Farkas, the co-founder of Loxon Solutions.


Student Management Championship 2017

May 4, 2017

How can you manage a virtual ski center?

The contestants of this year’s Student Managment Championship were seeking answers to the question above while making strategic choices with the head of a ski resort manager. The participants had to take into consideration the profitableness and payback aspects of their strategies, which has made the the competition very pragmatic, currant and exciting.  

The 10 best-performing teams were selected into the finals  after going through the live regional rounds then the online semi-finals. Their task in the last round was to make a business proposal with a full profile of a new touristic investment including its exact location and to complete the relevant research and planning supporting their package. In addition to evaluating the content of their solutions,  presentation and delivery  was also marked by judges.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see eveyone next year.

1st place – Confidentiality Agreement (Luca Szabó, Dániel Orbán, Krisztián Fehér)

2nd place – TaylorsWheel (Cintia Kormány, Blanka Szabó, Dániel Szabó)

3rd place – Managers (Endre Leszkovszki, Péter Homolya, Kristóf Kahr)


Loxon at 8th Annual Operational & Back Office Excellence

May 4, 2017

At Loxon we’ve been developing and implementing lending and risk managment software based on artificial intelligence and big data for several years now. Thus, our participation was obvious at the 8th Annual Operational & Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit put on by Allan Lloyds between 25-27th April in Vienna. The main theme of the conference was robotic process automation with AI technology. Through the 3-day event including a workshop, the speakers held presentations on various topics like how IT solutions can reduce the costs and high error rate and the ways of modernizing banking systems to keep up with the arising challenges of the fintech sector.


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