Annual Loxon Garden Party

Jun 13, 2017

Sunshine, grill party, cold draught beer and great company... is anything else needed for a perfect Friday afternoon?! The Loxon Summer Kick-off garden party was again a huge success - we had around hundred colleagues at the event in Csúcs Hill. Besides the stew made over open-fire and the grilled quality meat we have secured the ideal liquid refreshment too: Loxon Ogre beer has been served draught for its first time. Our luck that the camera wasn't left behind so we have photographic evidence about the fantastic atmosphere. Honestly, we wouldn't object to every Friday being like this one...



Loxon - BME FC co-operation

Jun 6, 2017

We are happy to anncounce the recently started co-operation between Loxon and Hungary's biggest football association, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Football Club (BME FC). BME FC has 2500 contracted players and puts on games regularly for example the biggest amateur Mini Footballl Championship in Hungary since 1977. Currently BME FC has more than 200 teams and 2000 footballers play every week within the championship. We are extremely satisfied with this opportunity of making Loxon known amongst informal groups of youth and not only in regular school settings. Do not forget to take a look at the molino of Loxon if you're around the BME sports centre.


Loxon at Portfolio Fintech conference

Jun 6, 2017

Soon it will be possible to request a loan in less than 10 minutes because of the increasing use of digitization of processes in the field of risk management and lending - said Tamás Erni in his presentation at the Portfolio Fintech conference. The event held on 30th May had a strong focus on digitization, the speeding up of lending and risk management processes, but the topic of fast payment and security was also put on the table. In the coming years the acceleration of banking processes can be expected. Tamás Erni named as the main reason for this that compared to the closed market 10 years ago, by now the minimum conditions to enter the banking sector have drastically dropped. Supporting this changing tendency, the development of artificial intelligence makes it possible for banks to carry out the credit evaluation of private non-mortgage loan requests in less than 10 minutes. Alongside the traditional sources of information on potential clients, it is possible now to use such relevant indicators like the client's social network activity for data analysis during the the credit evaluation process.

More about the contents of the conference can be found on the webpage of Portfolio.


Loxon at Fintech Forum Bucharest

May 25, 2017

This year for the first time we attended the Fintech Forum as sponsors. The event was organised by Finmedia on the 23rd May in Ramada North Hotel in Bucharest. During the half-day conference experts of the banking and fintech sector were talking about newest trends and the future of the field in two panel discussions. The fintech sector is currently the most dynamically developing industry and it is predicted that the investment value could increse from the current 26 billion to 46 billion dollars by 2020. Recently fintech companies are considered more to be partners by banks - a tendency also illustrated with several case studies of cooperations to present date during the Fintech Forum. These partnerships are aiming at creating user friendly solutions - complient with local and international regulations - that use the newest technology and multiple data sources in order to enhance the efficiency of risk management, simplify the lending processes and create cheaper loans. Ion Stan, the deputy head of operations at Alpha Bank, presented his case study about how the cooperation with a fintech company increased their client base and lowered their expenditure. He also covered security issues and the challanges of operating according to PSD2 regulations. Tamás Erni, managing partner of Loxon Solutions, demonstrated several cases of how the company managed to significantly minimise risks through applying new technologies. Using big data in lending and credit risk management, beside lowering costs and increasing efficiency, for banks can also mean a significant advantage in the lending market.


Loxon supports DebTech meetup

May 17, 2017

Loxon places special emphasis on participating in and supporting the professional community of Debrecen as part of our innovation team is based in this ever-developing regional centre. Part of our activity is to monthly attend DebTech meetup, a forum for the local business managment and development community that focuses on the most currant and exciting issues in the world of tech and startups. If you wish to keep yourself up-to-date about the newest innovation projects of Debrecen and find out details on exciting findings in the field of technology, by all means, save the date of the next Debtech Meetup!


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