Third Java Idea Lab at Loxon

Oct 3, 2017

Do you know what profilers are? If you were at the Java Idea Lab last week, you surely do. At our third meetup this year we talked about the topic of Profiling with our eager auidience. First we looked through what profilers can do and which are the most popular ones currently, then we went deeper into their functioning through practical examples.

Did you miss this event?

Come and join us at the next Java Idea Lab in November featuring Gradle!


Tamás Erni interview at the live show of Ziarul Financiar

Oct 2, 2017

What does the future hold for the banking sector? How can we prepare for the challenges brought by the pressure to digitalise? How is loan assessment supported by the social Media?

Among others, these were the main topics that Tamás Erni talked about as an invited guest at the live show of Ziarul Financiar last week.


Loxon Java Challenge coming soon

Sep 27, 2017

Are you bored of the dry curriculum at your classes? 
Do you want to try something different and challenging?
If your answer is yes, then you must join Java Challenge competition and test your programming skills in practice. 
Our colleague, Roland Kalmár already made a little presentation on this challenge at the Professional Lullabies at ELTE and beside sharing the first-hand experience, we also provided a little practice for - the participants could try themselves in our Java quiz. 
If you feel like this challenge was made for you, submit your applications in groups of three until 17th October at and let the excitement begin!


Loxon HQ birthday

Sep 6, 2017

Our refurbished headquarters celebrates its first birthday! This 1000-squaremetre space we have filled with life during this time. BBQ-s, boardgame afternoons, having that beer after work and the far from run-of-the-mill working days made this 365 days pass in a blink of an eye.


Loxon at LisKaland 2017

Aug 10, 2017

'Strive for enterprise' - this is the slogan for the 7-day event 'Liskaland' put on by Liska Tibor College for Advanced Studies. This year in the camp the hundred participants could feel on their own skin the responsibilities of running one's own enterprise. This is a unique program: it's a economic simulation camp, a social experiment and a festival at the same time.

Kristóf Farkas, the founder of Loxon has experienced plenty difficulties of entrepreneurship,  thus his presentation about the challenges of breaking into international market proved useful for the participants of 'Liskaland'of the camp. We're very happy that as a sponsor Loxon could be the part of this exceptional project and we're only hoping that the beers brought by us as a gift did not distort the market factors too much.  


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