Loxon HQ birthday

Sep 6, 2017

Our refurbished headquarters celebrates its first birthday! This 1000-squaremetre space we have filled with life during this time. BBQ-s, boardgame afternoons, having that beer after work and the far from run-of-the-mill working days made this 365 days pass in a blink of an eye.


Loxon at LisKaland 2017

Aug 10, 2017

'Strive for enterprise' - this is the slogan for the 7-day event 'Liskaland' put on by Liska Tibor College for Advanced Studies. This year in the camp the hundred participants could feel on their own skin the responsibilities of running one's own enterprise. This is a unique program: it's a economic simulation camp, a social experiment and a festival at the same time.

Kristóf Farkas, the founder of Loxon has experienced plenty difficulties of entrepreneurship,  thus his presentation about the challenges of breaking into international market proved useful for the participants of 'Liskaland'of the camp. We're very happy that as a sponsor Loxon could be the part of this exceptional project and we're only hoping that the beers brought by us as a gift did not distort the market factors too much.  


Loxon at BME Management Academy

Jul 19, 2017

Have you ever tried to put  the job description of a business analyst  together from different job advertisement? Have you too noticed that each company understands something different by this position? Well, if you attended the BME Management Academy this year by now you are surely familiar with what tasks and challenges come with this position at Loxon.
This year the camp organised by BME Technical College of Management offered practice-focused programs mostly based on business simulations. Loxon was represented by Gábor Győrfi at the event, who in his presentation emphasised that the learning of certain skills is crucial to undertsand and analyse complex economical processes. This  was exactly the purpose of the Academy, to help the participants to develop and practice integrated thought processes in business environments.
At the end of the program, those who have heroically withstood the hot weather could quench their thirst with some bottles of Loxon beer.


Nemere II on 49th Erste World Blue Ribbon

Jul 13, 2017

We are overly proud that cruiser 'Nemere II.', having Loxon's logo on its side, sailed and made it to the finish line in 20 hours 14 minutes 13 seconds at the 49th Erste World Blue Ribbon. With this result Nemere II became the 35th overall and received 3rd place in the Joint Cruiser Division. Congratulations to the team for their excellent work!

Pictures by @aronszantophotography


Loxon at 13th Credit Risk Management Forum

Jun 27, 2017

For the 13th time Fleming organised the Credit Risk Management Forum - this year again the biggest experts of the field gathered to share valuable knowledge and experience. The stately Fleming Hotel in Vienna housed the event between 7-8th June with approximately 80 participants. In the presentations and panel discussions the participants talked about the current state of the market and its challenges and the future of credit risk management and the role that fintech companies play in this field. Tamás Erni, managing partner of Loxon Solutions in his presentation brought colour into the discussion with innovative risk management solutions, which was a great success among the members of the audience. The 2-day program ended with a useful and interactive IFRS 9 workshop. 


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